Randy Jackson Biography

Randy Jackson has lived and worked in the West Valley since 1991.  He has more than 35 years of experience in technology and photography .  In 1999 Jackson moved to Surprise and has worked in government, healthcare and technology as the city experienced one of the largest residential growth booms in the country. He retired from the City of Surprise in 2011 as their first Chief Information Officer (CIO) and IT Director.  As he worked at both Sun Health Corporation and the City of Surprise, he photographed the people and places of the West Valley.  His portfolio of images captures some of the icons of the area and also finds those hidden gems of life and beauty in his community.  His archive of images contains more than Two Terabytes of photos from the Surprise Recreation Campus. His formal education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration.  With a career steeped in technology, he utilizes many different technologies and techniques to bring a fresh creative touch to the images captured originally with his cameras.  His studio and office are in Surprise, Arizona. Jackson is a member of the WHAM Art Association, Leadership West and the Professional Photographers Association and serves on the Board of Directors of the Surprise Sundancers as Board Secretary.